Brand Club, now networked across Europe and the Americas, started out in Kaunas, Lithuania, in 2007. We’re one of the leading distributors, suppliers and wholesalers of fashion stock in the Baltics.

All our stock is purchased directly from the brands or authorized dealers. Offering competitive pricing, a fast-growing assortment, and maintaining strict quality control, we make it part of our business process to ensure that we remove any previous season product from our brand suppliers’ main markets.

Over the past 16 years Brand Club has built a solid reputation for supplying wholesale branded women’s, men’s and children’s apparel

How we work with our clients

We started out trading modestly with partners in the United Kingdom, focusing on second-hand goods. Brand Club is now a growing team, and our foundational values of quality products at a competitive price remain essential to how we work. Through a lot of hard work and commitment, we have progressed to trading in the crème of branded goods across Eastern Europe.

Once we became one of the leading fashion stock distributors in Baltics – we started working hard to be the distributor of choice for anyone looking for designer labels and footwear.

Sourcing products

Advising on the right product mix for your intended market

Advising and supporting with distribution

Supporting you with your logistical needs

Building global relationships

While traditionally our focus has been on selling product independently across the Baltics, we’ve also made it a priority to develop our broader trading partnerships. and to invest in gaining firsthand knowledge and experience of wholesale client and retail needs in markets wider afield. Wholesale fashion is a true global market, and we can genuinely say we enjoy working with our partners in every region.

We’re very proud of our aspirations to provide a quality client-service experience alongside authentic and marketable clothing and accessories to our customers. Our vision remains to become a dominant wholesale company in the Baltics and worldwide.